E-Verify Might Soon Become Mandatory for All Employers

E-Verify might soon become a requirement for all employers. Since its inception in 1996, the program has been mandatory for all federal contractors, some state contractors, and companies hiring foreign graduates from U.S. universities to participate in STEP optional training. Currently, less than 10% of American programs are enrolled in the program, according to Lynn Shotwell from SHRM.

Although $15 million was allotted in President Trump’s 2018 budget, Congress has yet to make the program mandatory.

The E-Verify program, while simple, does require an extra step for employers via additional administrative review. And while the system captures and verifies information electronically, it does not ensure the applicant standing before you is really who they say they are.  Should the program become mandatory, it will most likely take three to five years to implement. There will also be a need for greater electronic countermeasures to combat identity theft.

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