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How is Drug Testing on Hair Performed?

Hair under the MicroscopeAs illegal drug use becomes more and more prevalent, drug screening has increasingly become a necessity for many companies during the final stage of the hiring process. It would be nice if all methods of drug testing were reliable at quickly detecting recent drug use, but, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Urinalysis, for example, has been proven unreliable due to the fact that there is a limited window of time required to detect recent drug use, and test takers have found many ways to tamper with the specimen collection process.


Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace: Signs to Look Out For

New officeThere are many things employers must always remain conscious of, not the least of which is alertness to whether drug and alcohol abuse may be occurring in the workplace. While pre-employment drug testing can help reduce the likelihood of on-the-job intoxication, it isn’t foolproof, so it’s important that employers know how to recognize signs of abuse.


How to Properly Drug Test Current Employees

Pre–employment drug testingDrug testing can be a useful tool for employers. However, if done improperly, drug screening can stir up a maelstrom of legal fees and public relations setbacks. Despite these risks, employee drug testing is standard in many companies because it helps prevent the wide range of problems – diminished productivity, increased compensation spending, tardiness and absenteeism – posed by workers who are under the influence of drugs.