News for February, 2009

State Attorney General calls for criminal background check on home health care aides

In the wake of a $9,000 credit fraud crime committed by home health-care worker Laurie Ann Langyel in the name of her 89 year old client, Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wants lawmakers to pass legislation requiring home health care agencies to conduct criminal background checks on their aides. His proposal would prohibit agencies from hiring anyone convicted of a felony in the past 10 years. During her arraignment hearing it ws revealed Langyel had prior convictions on her record for fourth-degree larceny.


Idaho lawyer: Guardians need background checks

Boise Attorney Robert Aldridge is pushing for background checks of all prospective guardians to protect children from unnecessary domestic dangers. He cites the growing number of children who are being adopted by their grandparents after their parents fall into illicit drug use. Aldridge’s proposal would require guardians to be screened for felonies and drug-related activity.


Tennessee to screen mortgage loan officers

The federally mandated Internet-based system, Nationwide Mortgage Licensing, which allows mortgage companies and loan originators to apply for and manage their licenses electronically, and gone online and into full effect. Loan originators are also required to pass a criminal background check and meet stricter professional licensing procedures.


Supervisor blamed for rapist hire at hospital

Top Los Angeles County health officials tried Tuesday to explain how an ex-cop convicted of rape under the color of authority was twice hired to work in public hospitals.