News for February, 2012

Should Your Business Perform Criminal Background Checks on Employees?

Employee Background Check - Yes or No?The question of whether to run employment background checks can be puzzling for company leaders. Cost is the most powerful argument against performing criminal background checks before hiring new employees. An employee background check also requires a certain amount of time, something hiring managers don’t always have.


Three Reasons to Notify Job Applicants of Background Check Policy

Classified AdsIn today’s challenging job market, any job posting is going to get a lot of attention. For every job posted on the internet, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of resumes will arrive in a hiring manager’s inbox to be read and culled for the very best applicants.


Penn State Scandal Highlights Importance of Background Checks for Volunteer Programs

We would all like to think people who are committed to volunteerism are altruistic souls who will help keep children safe. Some predators, however, are drawn to the types of volunteer work that will bring them into contact with children. The recent Penn State child sex abuse scandal highlights this fact and demonstrates precisely why criminal background checks for volunteer programs are an important tool to make sure children remain safe in their after-school activities. (more…)

3 Tenants Landlords Can Avoid with a Good Background Check

For Rent SignMost tenants are lovely, responsible people you would be happy to have living in your property. Others, however, are riskier propositions. In fact, we have all heard stories of nightmare tenants who could have, and should have, been avoided simply by performing tenant screening. Unfortunately, you can’t always tell these types merely by looking at them; avoiding these unsavory tenants requires performing tenant background checks on all prospective renters.


How Should Schools Districts Handle Criminal Background Checks and Screening?

Empty ClassroomCriminal background checks for parent volunteers exist to make sure school chaperones are safe – they provide a measure of protection for children as well as the school and the public. All schools have their own procedures for performing criminal background checks on regular volunteers.


Why Screening Candidates Using Google Searches Is Not Risk Free

Employee Background Check GoogleThe internet provides a convenient venue for you to dig up dirt on candidates who want a job with your company. This rise in popularity of social networks – and most people’s failure to alter privacy settings – can provide you with a trove of information you may never learn from an application, resume or interview. Relying on the internet as an employee screening method, however, is not without its dangers and drawbacks. (more…)

Safe Hiring Practices: What Employers Should Include in their Hiring Overview Document

Safety in the workplace is a top priority. In addition to the well-being of your staff, safety includes maintaining the company’s financial goals, integrity, ethics and culture. When conducting a pre-employment background check, communicating your company’s goals and safe hiring practices to prospective employees can help reduce the risk of a regrettable hiring decision. In turn, you will also reduce employee turnover – and the cost of retraining new hires – as well as reduce the risk of a devastating incidental cost. (more…)

The Importance of Screening Potential Health Care Staff

Cool Mint FingerprintEvery time a patient visits your facility, they and their family members place their trust in your staff. With health care workers in short supply and high demand, it is tempting to welcome personable prospective staff members who look good on paper. Without a thorough healthcare professional screening, however, you may put your patients at risk of suffering from unforeseen injuries and expose your office to significant penalties for breaking state and federal laws.