News for January, 2009

Indiana lawmakers want better criminal checks on teachers.

Indiana legislators consider requiring national criminal checks and other measures in order to fix gaps in their system of screening teachers. Prompted in part by an Indianapolis Star investigation, four bills stand before Indiana’s General Assembly in an effort to help ensure children are safe at school. Currently, more than 40 states require a nationwide background check while Indiana requires only a limited state background check.


State doesn’t run criminal checks on professional licensees

Wisconsin State privacy law prevents public disclosure on the backgrounds of healthcare providers. The Department of Regulation and Licensing has no authority to background check licensed healthcare providers. As the state drops the ball, The Medical Examining Board tries unsuccessfully to authorize federal criminal background checks on all applicants for a new license. The responsibility will fall to doctors, private employers and healthcare companies to conduct background check through private background companies.


U.S. mortgage crisis prompting change

2009 calls for tougher standards in the Mortgage Industry as U.S. States begin mandating background checks for new and renewing licensed mortgage brokers. Arizona, Indiana and Ohio lead the way as the task of raising the bar for brokers in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis begins.